Corporate families is a TEENS WITH CLASS program that offers companies an employee investment advantage unlike any other.

In an age where employee retention is critical to company viability and longevity, what is holding you back from investing in "who and what" your employees care about most: their families?

Corporate leadership and training programs are impactful and often essential to the overall happiness and success of your employees, however, what are you offering to help them where it matters most in their perspective: their families? 

Study produced by Pew Research Center, Washington, D.C. 

Study produced by Pew Research Center, Washington, D.C. 

Study based on 2014 poll done by Gallop and commonly accepted research suggesting that Americans have 10-12 "productive hours" per day. 

Study based on 2014 poll done by Gallop and commonly accepted research suggesting that Americans have 10-12 "productive hours" per day. 


The corporate families program was created by Teens With Class specifically for the people your employees love most: their families. We believe that by engaging the entire family in corporate sponsored development initiatives employees are more likely to trust and believe that their employers really do care for them in an authentic, heartfelt way. Such sentiment ultimately produces a more productive, communicative, transparent and healthy work environment.

We operate under the principle that how you do anything is how you do everything; thus reminding ourselves and our clients that desirable habits do not just show up at the office, they must be cultivated and reinforced in the home first.

We know that the most committed employees are dedicated to their personal and professional development in and out of the workplace. Our corporate families curriculum focuses on manners, etiquette and leadership education for teens ages 13-18 and is purposefully designed is to ensure that the lessons taught and practiced at the office transfer into the home, strengthening the values and habits of parents and children 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.


Today, people have a profound ability to connect with others frequently and in more ways than ever before. As a result, strongly developed and well-versed social skills are no longer an option but instead a necessity. While at times it may seem like a lost art, understanding how to behave in certain situations is the key getting the most from and for the people with whom we interact.

The Teens With Class corporate families program is a company sponsored 9AM-12PM etiquette, manners and leadership Saturday workshop taught by Brett and Leslie open to teens (ages 13-18) of all company employees. Our one of a kind curriculum is intentionally designed with the next generation in mind. Our goal is to deliver social skills education in a fun, applicable and relatable way that millennials can understand. 



Based on a survey conducted by CareerBuilder

Based on a survey conducted by CareerBuilder

  1. Employees care more about their families than they do their work
  2. It is a purpose driven, value aligning benefit
  3. It builds trust and loyalty
  4. It increases your reputation
  5. It attracts and retains principled employees
  6. It keeps employees engaged at work
  7. It helps you save and earn money (efficient and proficient employees)
  8. It shows that you put your money where your mouth is
  9. It gives employees something to look forward to
  10. It allows for the values and habits of the workplace to be practiced at home

Unconventional? Possibly. Impactful? Absolutely.