5 Ways to Have an Intentional Start to the New School Year

It’s that time of year again. You’re on your last leg of summer and the groaning and moaning of going back to school in a few weeks has begun. In order to have an intentional transition back into school mode and avoid aimlessly going through the motions in the first couple of months, get out a pencil and clean sheet of paper and take some time to put thought into answering the following questions/exercises:

  1.   Set 5 goals for the upcoming year: 2 academic, 2 extra curricular, 1 social.
  2.  Write down your biggest area of growth last school year and how you can best apply  those new skills to this upcoming year.
  3.  Fast forward in your mind to the end of May 2017 and write down what you believe would  have to be true in order for you to feel that you grew as a student and as a person over the  past year?
  4.  Write down what you anticipate to be you biggest challenge this year and write down  some ideas of how you will overcome that challenge.
  5.  To enhance optimism and gratitude, write down 5 things you are really looking forward to  that “could go right” this year.